ESG Fusion Powered by SmartFetch

ESG domain expertise fused with advanced analytics

ESG Fusion’s intelligent web-crawlers, APIs from an ecosystem of data providers, and alternate data sources provide detailed ESG data for private companies, fetching relevant and granular content curated by a vast pool of ERM’s ESG experts.

Use Cases

Pre-investment Due Diligence

Combine ESG analysis based on granular data derived from ERM’s proprietary SmartFetch technology and a comprehensive analyst-driven scoring methodology for credit or equity deals.

Portfolio Monitoring

Measure long-term ESG performance and progress across your investment portfolio by periodically leveraging ESG Fusion analysis.

ESG Benchmarking

Compare a company’s ESG performance within and across industries using the ESG Fusion curated database with vast coverage across industries and sectors.

Internal and External Reporting

Utilize ESG Fusion’s deep analytical capabilities to report on ESG performance of your portfolio to investors and internal and external stakeholders.

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Fusion Scoring

Key Features

ESG ratings

Agile combination of human and advanced intelligence enables turnaround within 48 hours.

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ESG insights

Including two ESG risk dimensions - industry-driven business model risk & reputational risk - and measuring companies’ response to these risks.

ESG risks and

Measuring risks and opportunities for value creation as universal challenges of climate transition and sustainability are reshaping industries and markets.

Access to deep
ESG expertise

Complemented by client success team that offers sustainablity guidance and training on ratings and research.